2010 Topfranchise.com.au Awards Closing

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Market Research agency 10 THOUSAND FEET will survey franchisees across Australian Franchise networks over September and October for the topfranchise.com.au awards. "The surveys are a great feedback tool, and importantly allow us to create a positive news story for individual franchise systems and the franchising sector as a whole.” said Ian Krawitz, Head of Intelligence at 10 THOUSAND FEET.

Over the last two years the topfranchise awards study has reached over 20 million people nationally and internationally via TV programs such as A Current Affair and Sky Business News, leading national news publications such as The Australian Financial Review, BRW and the Australian, leading internet news agencies such as SMH & The Age online and Smartcompany as well as the leading franchising industry trade press such as Franchising Magazine, Business Franchise, and Australian Franchises. “The Awards give a chance to celebrate the success stories in the franchising landscape”, shared Krawitz.

Franchisees take part in an 8 minute survey which has been designed through industry collaboration from franchisors and franchisees alike. “This is the chance for franchisors to engage with and listen to their franchisees by getting their franchise systems surveyed”, said Krawitz. The survey gives franchisees the chance to give measurable feedback on their franchisors performance across 35 key areas.  The ratings are then compiled into a top 10 ranking system, with weightings given towards areas of importance to franchisees such as support, rewards, lifestyle and passion. The Awards are then showcased in leading media publications and the topfranchise.com.au website.

The Awards will be announced in November 2010 to make the most of what is seasonally a busy time for the prospective franchisee market. “The holiday season is traditionally a time when a large number of people are looking for a change in direction”, Krawitz highlighted.

The upside is not just confined to winning awards and reaching prospective franchisees. Over the last 12 months awards participants have on average increased their own franchisees willingness to recommend them by 18%. Krawitz said, “Striving to improve their franchise systems practices has lead to having more contented franchisees who are in turn happier to recommend their business.”

Entries to this years topfranchise awards close September 24th.

For more information on how to enter the awards contact 10 THOUSAND FEET via email info@10thousandfeet.com.
For more information on the awards process please visit Top franchise awards process.

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