2021 Top 10 Aussie franchise winners announced!

2021 Top 10 Aussie franchise winners announced!

The Top 10 winners have come from a wide-range of industries, proving it's possible to successfully navigate the challenges of the Covid-19 landscape. We shine a spotlight on these Aussie franchises that have proven that tenacity and resilience can equate to success, despite these challenging times.
Here are this year’s topfranchise award winners.

Jim’s Dog Wash trading across 150 locations took out the number 1 place for 2021. Its victory came off the back of being a great all-rounder placing in the top 5 for five categories.
Tax accountants H&R Block proved its impressive franchisor credentials by scoring the number one spot for support and expansion, placing second on the overall list. Jim's Cleaning Group came third, their strengths saw them take out the number one place in lifestyle and second in expansion. Mexican fast food chain Mad Mex came fourth, topping the marketing category. Other brands that excelled and secured places in the overall top 10 include Smartline, Mister Minit, Ferguson Plarre, Fernwood Fitness, Kwik Kopy and Dream Doors Kitchens.
Each year, thousands of Australian franchisees are surveyed by specialist researchers, 10 THOUSAND FEET, to identify best practice across the industry. The Topfranchise Awards are unique in that award winners are selected based on the satisfaction of franchisees, not external judges.
In addition to an overall award, the Topfranchise Awards recognise six category-specific achievements in marketing, branding, passion, support, lifestyle and opportunities for expansion. Aussie Pooch Mobile landed first in the brand category and took out top 10 places in the marketing & support categories, Action Coach was recognised in the top 10 for support, passion & lifestyle, City Farmers Dogwash and Resicert took home top 10 category awards in lifestyle, while Snooze and Snap-on Tools placed in the top 10 in brand & expansion, respectively.
Head of Intelligence for topfranchise.com.au and 10 THOUSAND FEET, Ian Krawitz says, “On the back of 2020, COVID-19 has made 2021 another tough year on franchise businesses. The exciting thing is seeing such a wide array of industries represented in our Top 10, with the highest overall scores we have seen in years. We have winners coming from home services, accounting, fast food, mortgage broking, fitness, retail, B2B services and home renovations!  While there is no doubt certain industries have been impacted more than others, the winners list proves that with the right strategy, tactics, and people almost any business can survive and thrive in challenging times."
Overall Category Winners:
1.    Jim's Dog Wash
2.    H&R Block
3.    Jim's Cleaning Group
4.    Mad Mex
5.    Smartline
6.    Mister Minit
7.    Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses
8.    Fernwood Fitness
9.    Kwik Kopy
10.  Dream Doors Kitchens

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