2B or not 2B? What are the advantages of looking at a business for sale in the B2B Space?

by David Bell | CEO | Kwik Kopy Australia
2B or not 2B? What are the advantages of looking at a business for sale in the B2B Space?

When thinking of a franchise business for sale, people will likely think of brands in the QSR or home services space; brands offering goods or services direct to the everyday consumer. But what about a franchise that provides a business to business (B2B) offering? We sat down with David Bell, CEO of Kwik Kopy Australia, who talks about how a B2B franchise might be the right fit for a prospective franchisee, some steps that prospective franchisees should always take during their decision-making process, and what distinguishes Kwik Kopy as a B2B brand.  Kwik Kopy is an independently owned Australian business specialising in print and graphic design, with an extensive network of 104 stores throughout Australia.

An advantage of operating a franchise in a B2B space is that it is very much relationship driven, and success is largely influenced by the ability of each franchisee to build, cultivate, and maintain relationships with their clients. A B2B brand can be particularly appealing to those looking for a business for sale who come from a business background as they are already familiar with corporate and customer relationship management. With 40 years of experience, Kwik Kopy is a well-known and trusted brand. Leveraging this, the Kwik Kopy system can generate business for a new franchisee to get them going, after which the new franchisee can take over, and using their skills, they can start to develop corporate relationships to grow their business.

When looking for a franchise business for sale, it is imperative that as a prospective franchisee you do your due diligence, and part of this would be to speak with other people involved in the particular industry or brand that you are interested in joining. This will ensure that you will understand in detail what you are investing your money in and learn from the past experiences of other existing franchisees, ensuring that your return on investment will be worthwhile. At Kwik Kopy, we provide you with a strong start to your business lifecycle, making sure that your money works hard for you from the earliest stages.

Kwik Kopy has 104 centres throughout Australia, with centres in the Sydney CBD doing particularly well due to the performance of the NSW state economy. Western Australia and Adelaide are areas in which Kwik Kopy is under-represented, and so could also present opportunities for prospective franchisees who are looking for a business for sale. Intrinsically however, we have found that there is no strong correlation between geographic location and business success. In fact, some of our best performing centres are located in regional areas. In the end, what it comes down to is the drive and skill of each of our franchisees in getting out there, leveraging our strong brand name, and building those relationships which lead to success.

David Bell is the CEO of Kwik Kopy Australia.

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