A Small Team doing Big Things

by Ian Krawitz
A Small Team doing Big Things

A Small Team doing Big Things

At 10 THOUSAND FEET we are a small team with big ambitions. Size has never stood in our way of pursuing new and bold ventures such as Topfranchise.com.au or 10 THOUSAND TREES. In fact it has enabled us to move quickly, remain focused and respond to market changes. Other unique advantages of joining our small team are:

  • Strong Community Focus: Join a team that truly cares about in giving back to the community.
  • Work on Big Brands: Greater opportunity to directly work with big brands.
  • Strong Core Values: Work in a respectful and encouraging work environment.
  • Be Challenged: Every team member is encouraged to fulfill their full potential every month.
  • No Nonsense: Our flat structure means you don’t have to deal with any office politics.

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