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10 THOUSAND FEET is the research house behind topfranchise.com.au.

We have been assisting companies across Australia to optimise their business models through in-depth custom research, analysis and reporting for the last 7 years.

Our goal is ultimately create a business community that experiences happier customers and more satisfied business owners, and in turn more profitable businesses.

Our main services include:

    • Custom research: A focus on tangible results drives every research project. By clearly defining project objectives we are able to provide research design and advise actions that drive significant financial benefits to customers and internal channel partners alike. We regularly see payback periods of under three months post project delivery.
      Pleaseclick here for more information on our recent projects and testimonials.
      If you would like to talk to us about your custom project call us on +61 2 8080 7544

    • Franchising Intelligence club: the Intelligence Club membership provides access to 10 THOUSAND FEET' s market-leading industry reports and educational events on the franchise industry as well as providing a listing on the topfranchise.com.au directory. Listening to feedback from our clients, we have created different memberships to suit your needs.
      Choose a membership that suits your needs. We know that there is no such thing as a franchise system that suits every potential franchisee. For the same reason, we know that there wouldn't be an Intelligence Club membership that would cater for every single franchisor.
      Click here to download the Intelligence Club Information pack. In the document you will find information on the products and events available and the different membership types to suit your needs. If you would like to become an Intelligence Club Member call us on +61 2 8080 7544.

  • Benchmarking service: by taking up our Benchmarking Service you will gather feedback from your franchisees on how satisfied they are with your franchise system. In doing so you will get the chance to enter our Topfranchise Awards and benchmark your performance against the Franchising Industry across the most important areas of franchisee satisfaction: support, financial reward, work-life balance, opportunities for expansion, passion for customers and products, willingness to renew the franchise agreement and willingness to refer the franchise system to a friend or a family member.
    This will enable you to showcase areas where your franchise is performing well as well as pinpoint areas that need attention. Should you manage to secure a spot in the top10 of the topfranchise.com.au rankings (compiled bi-annually by 10 THOUSAND FEET), you will also benefit from the extensive public relations exposure that the topfranchise awards generate. In the last two years alone, news of the topfranchise awards reached 20 million people nationally and internationally.
    For more information on the benchmarking service and the public relations exposure click here. If you would like to commission our benchmarking service call us on +61 2 8080 7544.

To find out more about us visit our website.


What is topfranchise.com.au?

topfranchise.com.au provides you with the best possible starting point to find the right franchise for you.

There is a lot of franchise information out there on the web. Every franchise claims it's the best thing since sliced bread. How do you know which ones really deliver?

We believe there's no better source of information on a franchise than their existing franchisees. That's why we set up topfranchise.com.au: to provide an independent reliable guide to franchisee satisfaction.

We survey the entire Australian franchise network of participating companies every six months to get a recent, independent and reliable picture of how they are performing. When a company does really well it will make it into our top 10 lists.

We also provide expert analysis and company features that provide you with varied perspectives on the franchising sector.

We hope topfranchise.com.au can help you along the path to having your own franchise business.


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