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"We are all feeling the financial pinch at the moment. Whether you have spent sleepless nights trying to figure out how to bring more money in or just looking for a change in direction, there are some good affordable franchise opportunities out there that may suit your personality and your professional goals.

Starting your own business can be a sleep-depriving thought, especially since there is a lot of money and insecurity involved in setting up a business from scratch. The franchise opportunities we would like to introduce you to in this article may help you solve this night-time dilemma and save you some of the leg-work. If you are looking into affordable franchise opportunities under $100,000, we have a few top players on this website that could be worth your while investigating.

If you are the handy-man/woman type, and get satisfaction from helping people out, with an initial investment of $35,000, you could call a Car Care franchise your own. Car Care franchisees work out of their vans and are in complete control of their workload. It is therefore not surprising that Car Care franchisees have voted their franchise system #1 in lifestyle. So, if you are looking for franchise opportunities that will generate a solid income without giving up your valuable personal time, Car Care may be the franchise system for you.

Are you great at sales and have your finger on the financial pulse of the country? Then the following two franchise opportunities may be right for you. Mortgage Choice and ANZ Mobile Lending are both great franchise opportunities with very similar initial investments.

An ANZ Mobile Lending franchise will be yours for $35,000. ANZ Mobile Lending's top performance is in franchisees saying they will renew their agreement beyond the current term, which is a good indication of their overall satisfaction with the franchise system. As an ANZ Mobile Lending franchisee you will work from home and schedule appointments with your clients in the comfort of their own home.

Mortgage Choice is another strong player in terms of franchisees satisfaction. The Mortgage Choice business model is a pure broking model with the brand promise to pay the same commission to brokers regardless of the lending product sold. Mortgage Choice came #1 in passion on That number one ranking came from franchisees being passionate about getting home owners into their dream home and being passionate about the fair and transparent way of choosing the right home loan for customers. To get your hands on a Mortgage Choice franchise opportunities, you are looking at an initial investment of $32,000.

If you love networking and being  out and about , Xpresso Delight and Mr Carports have franchise opportunities that could be an option for you for an initial investment of less than $100,000. Xpresso Delight provides gourmet coffee to workplaces, have won numerous franchise opportunities awards and have done well in the past in our franchisee satisfaction studies. For $64,400, an Xpresso Delight franchise could be yours. Mr Carports specialises in outdoor living designs. Their franchise opportunities go for $57,500 and they have been a top 10 player on last year.

Another affordable option is Frontline Recruitment Group's franchise opportunities. Frontline Recruitment Group is an acclaimed recruitment service provider within different industry sectors. Their franchise opportunities start from $35,000. The Frontline Recruitment Group has previously been in the top 10 franchise systems."

To find out more about the top franchise opportunities with an initial investment of less than $100,000 presented, go to the A-Z Franchise Listing section of this page and look for Car Care, Mortgage Choice and ANZ Mobile Lending.

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