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Arlette Dumont du Voitel
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Arlette Dumont du Voitel

Arlette Dumont du Voitel | Client Project Manager | 10 THOUSAND FEET

"Gen-Ys have the stigma of being spoiled, demanding, impatient, have a huge desire to consume, don't know any grammar rules and can't spell a word correctly without spell checks. On the plus side, having grown up with computers and the internet, anyone between the ages of 15 and 30 is likely to be more technically savvy and fast with technologies than their business counterparts of earlier generations. And above all, this is the next generation of business leaders and decision makers who will shape the economy over the next 30 to 40 years.

Due to the current employment situation, young people are particularly struggling to find employment since they can offer less experience to the job and more senior people are prepared to work for lower wages. On the other side, the franchising industry has been struggling to reach out to Generation Y and to make themselves attractive to this audience. So, this may just be the perfect opportunity to bring the two together.

The good news is that, unlike most salaried employment, most franchise businesses don't require previous experience or training in their field. Training is provided by the franchise business and so is on-going support once you start operating your franchise business.

Based on the characteristic that are attributed to Gen-Y, these are top franchises that are Gen-Y friendly.

Gen-Ys are fun loving, so they say, and don't want to grow up. If you are a child at heart, enjoy the fast paced nature of technology and still cherish every single game console and game you have ever owned, why not make a profession of your passion? Take a look at GameTraders on The gaming industry is highly dynamic and fast growing, and GameTraders' highest performance in our franchisee survey happens to be in the area of opportunities for business continuity and growth, where they are among the top 10 franchises.

Snap-on Tools is a top franchise that also caters to the inner child with a product range from hand to power tools and tool storage. This franchise business performed well overall and in particular in the areas of rewards, lifestyle, passion and opportunities.

High expectations on lifestyle and salary packages for as little work as possible are associated with Generation Y. If this is you and you want a good lifestyle for your 35 hours of work per week, you should have a look at the lifestyle section of In particular, Mr Rental is a franchise business that works on a Monday to Friday basis renting out high demand appliances such as plasma and LCD TVs, computers and projectors.

If you would like your great work life balance with a high degree of flexibility, you might want to consider a franchise business such as Car Care or Xpresso Delight. Car Care franchisees work in the mobile car wash and detailing industry and book their own appointments. Franchisees, thus, can decide how busy they want to be. The latter, Xpresso Delight, works on a set and forget model. Franchisees place an Xpresso Delight coffee machine into a client's office and service it once a week. On a base of 10 machines in client locations, you can make a living on a couple of day's worth of work per week.

As a matter of fact, Gen-Ys not only grew up with the internet but also with a great choice of espresso based coffees. Gen-Y has more than once been referred to as the café latte generation, take away of course! If you could imagine making coffee for a living, also have a look at Muzz Buzz's franchise business. They have rated very well in the areas of rewards, passion, lifestyle and opportunities.

Enthusiasm and passion are also said to drive Gen-Y, as well as a more positive outlook on life in general compared to other generations. Mortgage Choice and ANZ Mobile Lending, as well as Fernwood Women's Health Club, are high performers in the area of passion. If passion is important to you and, in addition, you fall into the category of Gen-Ys who enjoy meaningful work, these franchise businesses shouldn't be missing on your list of franchise opportunities to investigate. Mortgage Choice and ANZ Mobile Lending enable people to fulfill an essential Australian dream of owning their own home, while Fernwood Women's Health Club empowers women to exercise lose weight in their own space.

In summary, franchising provides you with an alternative career path to salaried employment. And while the employment market might be tough for young people at the moment, there are many good franchise opportunities in Australia that are keen to get you involved with their franchise business. Franchising covers so many different industries that there is bound to be one that suits your interests, priorities and skills." is designed to help prospective franchisees with their research. Refer to the Top 10 in Different Categories section to see the highest performers and best franchise business opportunities in seven areas including rewards, lifestyle, passion and opportunities.

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