Coffee franchises are fending off the retail recession

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Ian Krawitz

While the Rudd government has targeted its stimulus package at the retail sector, the sector at large has still been feeling the effects of the global financial crisis. However, for comfort foods, treats and coffee franchise companies such as Mrs Fields cookie stores and Muzz Buzz Drive-thru coffee the experience has been a different one in the face of the down turn.

Andrew Benefield, managing director for the Australian Cookie and Coffee franchise chain Mrs Fields, said “Sales figures have been lifting over the past months, largely because even in tougher times, people love to treat themselves while out shopping or when catching up with friends”.

Coffee franchises offer a range of products to customers. Whether it is chocolate cookies, muffins or simply a great cup of coffee, people tend to ‘spoil themselves’ on small luxuries - sometimes even more so when the economic climate is tougher. They don’t tend to go out for dinner as much where there is table service, so a cheap treat of their favourite coffee is an affordable substitute.

Coffee Franchise Muzz Buzz has also seen year on year sales grow significantly despite the economic times. Muzz Buzz are a drive-thru coffee franchise and so have been benefiting from the average worker becoming more time-poor as the job market becomes more competitive. General Manager Chris Hanlon said ”People are just as pressed for time as ever, if not more in these economic times with people working harder than ever to impress their boss. Being a drive-thru coffee franchise has allowed Muzz Buzz to capitilise on the treat and caffeine kick market as people still need the little pick me up on the way to work in the morning or in the evening before coming home to their families”

So if you are looking for a coffee franchise Muzz Buzz and Mrs Fields are a great place to start. For other coffee franchises such as The Coffee Club, Donut King, Aroma Café view the coffee franchise section and for mobile coffee franchises such as Xpresso Delight or Van Go which go from location to location check the mobile coffee franchise section

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