Creating Franchise Business Opportunities

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Trish Noakes
Managing Director
Just Better Care
Why we created a
business based on
creating franchise
business opportunities
over another
business model.

Trish Noakes

Trish Noakes | Managing Director | Just Better Care Franchising

As we end 2009, I have had cause to reflect on why we provide franchise opportunities over other models of servicing clients which in the past have been common place in the health agency sector.

The franchise opportunities Just Better Care provides are different to other health agencies because it provides a level of security for health organisations and clients requiring care.

A successful franchise business can only provide franchise opportunities when it has a proven model based on a set of systems that meet the standards that the market demands. Franchise owners buy the systems and the support that goes with the systems so they can successfully operate their business.

To ensure the safety of the brand all franchise owners are obligated to be fully compliant with the model and follow all systems in every aspect of the business. This ensures that every person’s experience is identical no matter which franchised business or care worker they engage. A franchise owner who is non compliant in any area faces having their franchise license taken from them and losing their business.

What has this to do with why aged and disability care is better as a franchise business you may be wondering? The reason we took the decision to establish Just Better Care as a franchised business was to be able to grow the business large enough to put the professional standards and systems in place but also to keep a personal, locally based community focus.

I firmly hold that an organisation delivering community care services must be located within the community where those services are provided. Care workers need to be able to call by a locally based office and talk with their coordinators about any concerns they have and receive real support, debrief, provide feedback and attend trainings. This is not a business that operates well from a centralised model. By offering franchise opportunities to people in the local community, we have created a relationship business and been able to deliver on giving face to face contact with care workers.

Due to the nature of how complex this business is, providing franchise opportunities and franchising Just Better Care has enabled all outlets to successfully operate and grow. Every Just Better Care office has the operational tools provided under a set of complete manuals which are reviewed and updated annually. All franchise owners are thoroughly trained in every aspect of managing their businesses.

Today Just Better Care franchise owners partner with over a hundred organisations, many who have sought preferred provider status with Just Better Care.

For people seeking franchise business opportunities it is important to realise that in the right network you are not alone. In the Health sector what being part of a franchise means is that you are not a local stand alone agency that is vulnerable to change. Just Better Care is a national organisation with proven systems that operate successfully from every local centre.

Under the Australian Franchise Code of Conduct, the franchise owner cannot suddenly change the model or move away from the systems. The manuals are tied into the franchise agreement which binds everyone to operate in the same manner. To make any major operational change the majority of franchise owners have to agree to the changes. This protects the system and the brand.

With documented systems in place the Just Better Care organisation will be operating for many decades to come long after the original team have retired and perhaps have accessed services themselves.

If you are looking for franchise opportunities and are interested in the health sector you do not need a background in health to get involved. To ask Trish a question about the sector, go to the Just Better Care Franchising page and click on the contact us button. And if you are interested in the sector at large, go to the health and beauty section see other Health and Beauty franchise opportunities available in this sector.

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