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Expansion Opportunities

When looking at franchise opportunities understanding what expansion plans a franchise group has will help you determine whether it fits within your long term ambitions. You may have worked your way up the corporate ladder, so now you should think about your choice of franchise in the same way you would think of your career and consider growth strategies for the business. Does the system you are looking at offer multi-unit growth options? Will they help you source capital to expand?

What programs does the franchise group offer to help you develop multi-unit ownership skills?

The expansion category indicates whether franchisees feel that their franchise company provides good opportunities for expansion and continuity of their business.

The expansion component looks at whether the franchise company actively supports and caters for multi-unit ownership by helping you to source capital to expand.

The business continuity component considers the steps involved in renewing a franchise agreement. For franchisees, this means that they have the security of knowing that they will be continuing in their business for another term and can make medium to long term plans for expansion of their business.

Our congratulations go to all the franchisors that made the top 10 in the Opportunities for Expansion category for franchise opportunities and particularly to the top 3 of Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers, SIGNWAVE and Anytime Fitness.

#1 Congratulations Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers franchise

With over 200 franchisees the traditional product Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers has offered to its customers has been home loans and mortgage insurance. Smartline have recently announced a major accreditation with an insurance company which has added new products to their model to include life insurance and other personal risk insurance. This has given franchisees a new income stream and the confidence that they will organically have more cash coming in order to expand their businesses’.

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#2 Congratulations Signwave franchise

Signwave is an internationally established franchising organization, who is just starting to press forward with a new wave of expansion in Australia. With just 19 outlets on the ground it leaves a number of great geographical areas for existing franchisees to expand into that are close to their territory. Owning and operating multiple franchise units takes a different skills set to being successful than in one location. The Signwave support team recognise this and perform very well in providing tailored support for multi-unit owners, who have a different set of issues to examine in their business planning process.

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#3 Congratulations Anytime Fitness franchise

Anytime Fitness’ has grown at a rapid pace, and now with over half of all franchisees owning more than one territory, franchisees have seen and still see the opportunity to expand into new locations.

Given that the model is based on minimal hands on time in a gym it is perfect for enabling franchisees to concentrate on the next gym opening once they have their club open.

The support office at Anytime Fitness also recognise the value of having franchisees own multiple locations and has structures in place to help existing franchisees source money to expand and support them as they open new locations.

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