Franchising is More Favourable

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David Shimell
National Franchise Manager
Worldwide Online Printing
Why Franchising is
More Favourable
as a Business

David Shimell

David Shimell | National Franchise Manager | Worldwide Online Printing

"Australia has more franchise owners per head of population than anywhere else in the world - and they've all taken comfort from the many well-recognised advantages which this business model offers.

I've worked in franchising for 25 years and spent 10 of those years as a franchisee myself. I've found that that although franchising might not be for everyone, it makes sense for a lot of people who want to be their own boss and be part of a reputable organisation at the same time.

The biggest advantage a franchise business can offer you is the fact that it's established. It uses tried and tested systems and processes, which means less costs and virtually no trial and error for you.

One thing a franchise business can give you that a new business never could is brand recognition. Your customers will be able to find you a lot easier, and they'll come to you with a level of trust that couldn't be achieved immediately with a new business. It also means less money that needs to be spent on branding and marketing, so it's cheaper to set up and operate.

You'll also find that it's easier to raise finance for a franchise than for a new, unproven business because banks are more likely to lend you money to buy and run a franchise with a reputable brand.

Franchising is one of the few business models that you can get into without expertise in a specific area. The franchisor provides the business framework, training and support, while you concentrate on growing your customer base. Ongoing training creates an instant operational expertise that you would otherwise need to acquire through expensive trial and error.

With franchising, it's easier to stay up-to-date with product trends and remain competitive because the franchisor regularly surveys the market on behalf of the franchise network and continually updates and fine-tunes the product and service offering.

Without a doubt, setting up a franchise business carries less risk. The ever-present threat of business failure, especially during tough economic times, is dramatically reduced when the business programme has already proved to be successful in the marketplace. The everyday challenges and threats you'll face as a newcomer have already been encountered by people in the same position as you.

Plus, a franchise business is easier to grow. In franchising, expansion seems to come more naturally. Operating a successful franchise can quickly lead to building a second and then a third business, and so on. Fortunes can be built this way.

It comes down to deciding whether franchising is right for you. If you're prepared to be part of a network and work within the franchisor's guidelines and existing systems, being part of a franchise will equip you with the tools you need to succeed in business. Achieving that success though cannot be guaranteed - and depends to a large extent on each franchise owner diligently applying themselves to the business!"

David Shimell is the National Franchising Manager at Worldwide Online Printing. Click here to find out more about the Worldwide Online Printing franchise or other printing franchises. To find a franchise business that is right for you, refer to the Top 10 in different categories section of this page. If you prefer to search for a particular franchise business, the A-Z Franchise Listing section lists franchise business opportunities alphabetically.

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