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Stephen Spitz &
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Xpresso Delight
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Stephen Spitz & Paul Crabtree

8th July 2009 04:03pm

Stephen Spitz & Paul Crabtree | Founders | Xpresso Delight

When it comes to choosing the right franchise opportunity there's no "one size fits all" approach. Each person's business needs and ambitions are different. Understanding this, Xpresso Delight developed two different business models- Xpresso Delight Corporate and Xpresso Delight coffee&go.

The Xpresso Delight coffee&go franchise is the mobile arm of the business. Franchisees own specially designed coffee vans and service clients at prearranged times. This model delivers a greater degree of regularity and security for franchisees and suits people who are happy to be out on the road and appreciate a structured workday.

Xpresso Delight's corporate, business-to-business model is the more established arm of the business having started several years before the coffee&go system was developed. Franchisees place coffee machines into workplaces and service them once a week with the machines doing the hard work during the week, generating profits cup by cup.

Success Stories

Maureen Wilson operates a successful Xpresso Delight coffee&go franchise. Prior to becoming an Xpresso Delight franchisee she spent 12 years working as an Operations Manager for a finance company. Now she is the first person in Queensland to purchase an Xpresso Delight coffee&go mobile coffee van franchise.

Maureen is an example of someone who has identified the right model to suit her lifestyle and business ambition. In the future Maureen would like to become a multi-van owner and employ a manager to help operate the business.

Karin Thompson owns 14 corporate coffee systems and is Xpresso Delight's current "Franchisee of the Year". Karin is the mother of three teenagers and spends about four hours per day training for triathlons.

The flexible time-rich model of placing machines into clients' workplaces is better suited to Karin's lifestyle. Her discipline combined with the flexibility her Xpresso Delight franchise allows Karin to pursue her personal interests while still growing her business.

With so many franchise options on the market it's vital to select one that is suited to your personal needs and business goals. Before starting the process of investigating potential franchises give some thought to your personal strengths and weaknesses as well as your ambitions. Consider how many hours per week you would like to spend operating your business and if you would prefer a heavily structured or open ended franchise system.

To find out more about the Xpresso Delight franchise opportunity, refer to the A-Z Franchise Listing. To see Xpresso Delight's ratings across 7 key areas including lifestyle, refer to the Top 10 in Different Categories section.

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