How Mobile Franchise opportunities can accommodate your lifestyle

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Dale Burke
What Scratch?

What Scratch?

How a mobile
franchise can allow
a flexible work life

Dale Burke

Dale Burke | Franchise Manager | What Scratch?

Having a job is an essential part of life; however it is important that your job does not prioritise itself over matters of well being such as family, health and general lifestyle. In this regard, it is important that people consider how a franchise system supports their work-life balance when seeking business opportunities.

Owning a mobile franchise does not only provide new and different business opportunities, but allows you to have a flexible work schedule so you can find the perfect work-life balance.

Dale Burke, director of What Scratch?, filled us in with examples of how being a mobile franchisee can provide a flexible work-life balance.

Finding business opportunities that accommodate your own lifestyle

Owning a mobile franchise business can generally provide a refreshing new lifestyle thanks to the opportunity to organise your own work schedule to have the flexibility to attend appointments and children' s school activities. Those seeking franchise opportunities should look into this type of franchise structure if they have many non-work related commitments.

Being a mobile franchise system, What Scratch? found that amongst the many reasons for which potential franchisees come to us is that they are burnt out from their current work commitments and want to restore their work-life balance. A mobile franchise is definitely suitable for people with different life constraints and can provide potential franchisees relief from the stresses of their current lifestyle.

Take for example people within the trucking industry who are required to spend a lot of time away from their family; in this case a mobile franchise system would be suitable for them because they still get to travel around but they do not have to be away from their families for long periods of time.

Having more time to spend with your family is definitely one of the biggest drawing cards of a mobile franchise. One of our What Scratch? franchisees was simply fed up with the 40 hour work week of his previous job because he wanted the time to drop his kids off at school and spend quality time with his family. By buying a mobile franchise system he’s now able to organise his work schedule around his current personal needs. 

A mobile franchise business also has far less start-up costs than one that requires a shopfront. 

The importance of a good operational system in place to boost the mobile franchise business

Although being in control of your own business and lifestyle is certainly an appealing aspect of the mobile franchise business, it is important that franchisees are not thrown into the deep end.

The franchisor needs to be able to assist the franchisee until they are confident to control their own business. Our advice is to make sure that you have a sound understanding of the training and support provided and how the business model will operate until you are able to transition into a smooth daily routine.

At What Scratch? we assistpotential franchisees by providing a high systemisation of the business operation, for example we sell territories that already have commercial car dealerships in place. We train our franchisees in their own territory with their own future customers so they are familiarised with the work they need to be doing.

As soon as they have finished training, they are able to begin working thanks to all of their bookings being managed through our central office. During the start up period, a franchisee may begin with around five dealerships and slowly, as they become more confident and experienced, they are able to contact the franchisor to expand their territory and client base.

Usually, our franchisees work with car dealerships as their primary clients, although they also look after private customers. Private enquiries are also dealt through our central office and given to the franchisee that corresponds to that territory. Even though franchisees organise their own work schedule, we are there with all our knowledge and support to assist them throughout their business venture.

In summary, our advice for those wanting to come into a mobile franchise business is to assess your own current lifestyle and find areas you wish to improve on. Then, look at franchise systems that will best allow you to accomplish those goals. Ensure you understand and are happy with the type and extent of support and training provided by the franchisor before becoming a franchisee as it is highly important that you find a franchisor that looks after you. What Scratch? provides all franchisees with holiday and sickness relief to ensure the business doesn’t suffer in their absence.

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