How passion can drive your franchise business’ success

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Helen Spencer
Franchise Development Mgr  

How fellow franchisees
will help your
franchise business

Helen Spencer | Franchise Development Manager | SIGNWAVE

With hundreds of franchise opportunities available in Australia, finding the right match for you can be challenging, as you will be comparing the different systems in relation to different aspects of the business, such as support, financial rewards, lifestyle and passion for the business.

Being passionate about the franchise business and your potential role plays a decisive part in your overall satisfaction and ultimately contributes to increasing and improving the quality of your business.

When you’re looking at franchise opportunities, it is important that you consider your level of interest and passion in both your potential role in the business (will you be dealing directly with end customers rather than managing staff?) and the type of product you will be selling.

At SIGNWAVE I can comfortably say that it’s a combination of the two aspects, on one hand you are the franchise owner and the primary face of the business and on the other you will also need to be passionate about the products, only in this way can you develop the necessary knowledge and expertise to accommodate various customers’ needs.

Passion for your profession not only improves the quality of your job (and ultimately the quality of your life) but it is also a useful tool that franchise owners are always happy to impart to their staff who respond with better customer service and a friendlier work environment through positive job satisfaction.

The level of passion about the franchise business and the products (such as sign and graphic solutions in this case) really emerges during the franchisees’ conferences, where franchise business owners have the chance to share their knowledge, advice and tips with other SIGNWAVE franchise owners.

At SIGNWAVE, franchise business owners deal with such a diverse range of products that the possible solutions and ways to deliver them are endless. From fabricating to quoting, from problem solving to installation, the franchisees’ ability to exchange their useful insights to help each other save time and improve the quality of their jobs is paramount.

Good franchise systems should always put in place tools that allow franchise business owners to help each other: in this way, you will save time, enhance the quality of the job and increase the professionalism of delivery and ultimately be more profitable.

At SIGNWAVE we have found an efficient way to take advantage of the extensive franchisees network by fully taking advantage of the intranet, which connects not only interstate franchisees but also international franchise business owners.

In this way, franchisees have the chance to use the intranet to post new solutions or new products that might be of interest for the entire network as well as ask for advice on how to deliver a specific job.

By joining a franchise system, you will find out that support not only comes from head office but also from your peers. As we witness at SIGNWAVE on a daily basis, franchisees are really generous in sharing their expertise and more than happy to help support each other.


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