How the Gutter-Vac Franchise is fighting Heartworm

Gutter-Vac is working closely with the RSPCA to help stop the spread of Heartworm – a major health problem for Australia’s cats and dogs.

Heartworm is a parasite that is spread by mosquitoes, while it thrives in the major blood vessels of domestic animals.

Gutter-Vac now has an arrangement with the RSPCA to clean the gutters in many of the organisation’s animal shelters across Australia.

Gutter-Vac Managing Director – Warren Ballantyne says ‘Blocked gutters cause a build up of rotting sludge, which is an ideal food source for Heartworm carrying mosquitoes and a perfect place for them to lay their eggs.’

Each of Gutter-Vac’s forty three franchise owners is responsible for providing this annual service free of charge.

‘We hope that by ensuring the RSPCA has a regular, professional gutter cleaning service that we can help to reduce this epidemic affecting our family pets.’ Warren added.

The above photo features Gutter-Vac Adelaide East franchise owner Rod Bell.

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