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#2 franchise Overall on topfranchise.com.au
#2 franchise in Support on topfranchise.com.au
If you are looking for Franchise business opportunities in the health care sector Just Better care should be high on your list of businesses for sale
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If you are looking for Franchise business opportunities in the health care sector Just Better care should be high on your list of businesses for sale.

Just Better Care is dedicated to helping people live independently with dignity and comfort. This value of caring has shown through out the organisation, pushing Just Better Care into the number 2 ranking overall for franchise opportunities on topfranchise.com.au. A critical area in the topfranchise.com.au rankings which they out performed other franchise opportunities on was in the area of support, with the dedication of franchisees to their clients and of head office to their franchisees being clearly evident.

Managing Director and founder Trish Noakes says the performance in support is down to Just Better Care being a relationship business “We forge a relationship with our franchise owners from the outset. The business was set up to be a people business caring for the elderly and people with a disability, and that ethos of caring flows from the head office through to our franchise owners and care workers.”

When looking at franchise opportunities the level of support you will receive is a key area to examine. With Just Better Care the core value of support is demonstrated right from the top. Franchise Manager Vera Randall, ran her own very successful franchise Knitwit in the 70’s,80’s and 90’s building the franchise up from scratch to over 275 franchise owners across five countries. Vera brings a keen operational acumen to the business and owns a franchise herself, fitting perfectly with the ethos of helping the community and allowing her to better understand the needs of franchisees.

Founder and Managing Director Trish Noakes, comes from the health care sector having worked both as a nurse and in healthcare administration. Trish has a real passion for taking care of the community, the group’s franchisees and care workers and saw franchising as the best vehicle to deliver these services to the community. Noakes says “The business is driven to provide a wow factor in the care sector for people in need in the community”.

One of the key things to look for in franchise business opportunities is the relationship between a franchisor and franchisee. Just Better Care excelled in the area of trust between the franchisor and franchisees with Noakes believing this to be down to the culture and people involved “With caring for the community as a reason for existing, franchise owners and the franchisor are aligned in our goals and have a set of shared values.”

Passion is another area to consider when looking at franchise business opportunities. The passion Noakes feels for the Just Better Care business clearly rubs off on franchisees. As part of Just Better Care’s support network there is an emergency after hours number which for most franchisees is manned by a care worker. Due to their close attachment to their clients and the community some passionate franchisees man this after hours number themselves.

Just Better Care franchisees’ have 40-50 care workers they manage, so if you are considering this amongst other franchise business opportunities having good people skills would help you to be affective with this franchise. With regards to managing staff care workers vary from casual to full time staff. Care workers are paid above average salaries, yet another testament to Just Better Care’s passion and care for the wider community.

Ian Krawitz, Head of Intelligence 10 THOUSAND FEET and founder of topfranchise.com.au, sees the economic climate as well placed franchise business opportunities in the health care sector.

Krawitz said “Certain sectors are relatively immune to an economic downturn and health care is one of those. With socio-demographic trends and an economy which has a Labour government at the helm with strong fiscal stimulation, health care franchise opportunities like Just Better Care have plenty of room to grow.”

Importantly when looking at franchise business opportunities you will want to consider the financial returns on offer. That Just Better Care is in a growth industry helped the franchise to perform very well when it came to franchisees expecting to receive a good return on their investment, with franchisees confident that the sector will see continued growth, so that when it is their turn to make their business for sale they will get a good return on investment.

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