Leading brands offer strong franchise opportunities

by Bettina Davis | Network Development and Franchise Administration Manager | Snooze
Leading brands offer strong franchise opportunities

Choosing tried and tested franchise opportunities

When considering buying a franchise, finding an established and recognised brand is often the key to securing success. 

Established leading franchise brands offer investors a tried and tested business model, supported by years of experience within the marketplace. Larger franchises create their own momentum by attracting new customers and fresh interest in the brand. With 91 stores, Snooze is a leading brand in the Australian marketplace, both in terms of size and reputation.


Strategic marketing and adapting to trends

Any given marketplace can change significantly over time, meaning brands must evolve to meet these challenges. Strategic marketing plans allow brands to plan ahead and maintain optimal performance. Changing market trends, however, may call for a shift in planning or reconsideration of marketing tactics. It is not enough to rely solely on being a recognised brand - attracting, converting and retaining new customers is vital to any marketing plan. 

So, the question to ask any franchise system you are looking at is, how does a franchise take all of that brand strength and convert it into sales? 

Snooze achieves this by maintaining a high-profile multi-channel marketing program that supports the national franchise network. Our multi-million dollar advertising campaigns include TV commercials, print ads, social media and ongoing updates to our award-winning website. This is where the Snooze strategic marketing plan - which has been proven to work on a national level - comes into its own.


Category kings and industry leaders

Recognition as an industry leader in franchising is attained and maintained through a combination of important business systems. Elements such as strong marketing, buying power of a group and specialised services can achieve a competitive advantage over other brands. Capitalising on these brand strengths can prove to be the difference between strugglers and leaders in a category. 

When examining franchise opportunities, ask the franchise systems you are looking at for evidence to back up any claims they may have. 

For example, Snooze continues to be an industry leader, ranked within the top 5 for mattress and bedroom furniture sales in Australia. The Snooze brand has also been recognised in the Top Franchise ‘Top 10’ awards since 2010, winning first place in the brand category in 2016. It’s that top-of-mind awareness with franchisors and customers alike that makes Snooze such an attractive prospect for anyone looking at franchise opportunities. 

Also ask the franchise systems to clearly articulate their core focus. 

Simon Beaty, our Managing Director at Snooze- says, “The bedroom is our core competency, and from a Snooze store and a Snooze bedding perspective, that’s where our focus is.”


Ongoing support for continued success 

Support is critical in all franchise opportunities. Support is not just training at the beginning it is about having an experienced hand to guide you through the different phases of your business growth. 

So take the time to ask – what support will I get at the start and what support will I get on an ongoing basis. Because when you take powerful customer brand recognition right across Australia and combine it with training programs and support, you can leverage this strength for your own franchise. 

Snooze provides a 4-week program, including IT and operational training, to ensure franchisees are knowledgeable on product and sales, plus we provided access to a Business Development Manager and the Snooze Support Centre for ongoing support.   

Keep these key points in mind and they will assist you in your journey of searching franchise opportunities and ultimately finding the right franchise opportunity for you. 

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