Looking for a business for sale with a solid foundation for success

by Brett Sinclair | Franchise Business Manager | THE Shed Company
Looking for a business for sale with a solid foundation for success

When purchasing a business for sale, a franchise model differs from other models in that it comes with a team to back you up. From operational guidance and marketing, to website traffic and maintenance, you’ll have a team of behind-the-scenes head office personnel to lend their support, while you can focus on doing the thing you love; providing an outstanding end consumer experience. We sat down with Brett Sinclair, Franchise Business Manager for THE Shed Company, to discuss what prospective franchisees should look for in evaluating franchisor support, and how THE Shed Company stands out in terms of their support offering. THE Shed Company began in NSW in 2005, and expanded quickly interstate into Queensland. They are continuously developing their range of premium steel kit buildings for their growing customer base across Australia.

Franchisor support should be a major influencer for a prospective franchisee who is looking for a business for sale. For any brand, franchisees are among those on the frontline when dealing with customers and generally representing the brand out there in the market. As such, prospective franchisees should ensure that the brand they are looking at places high priority in providing quality support to their franchisees so they can be the most effective at their jobs. Here at THE Shed Company, we charge low entry fees for franchisees entering the business, and all those funds are reinvested into THE Shed Company in the form of business and operational support so that each new franchisee receives a good level of guidance in setting up their individual franchise.

When evaluating a franchise business for sale, make sure that you understand what the franchisor has to offer in terms of support, systems and processes. It’s also important to reflect on your own skills and abilities and how they intersect with the franchisor’s head office offering so that you can be sure that the franchise is the right fit for you. THE Shed Company prides itself on the support that it gives to each of our franchisees in helping them operate their business as effectively as possible. At the same time, our outstanding marketing team and website helps in driving leads for all of our franchisees so that they can then take over and provide a great customer experience.

Working together with our franchisees has allowed THE Shed Company to become strong players in the Australian East Coast, particularly in the rural and semi-rural areas of Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. In addition, there is good opportunity to expand into South Australia, Western Australia, and Western New South Wales. We always look forward to working with our existing and future franchisees in bridging gaps in the market to cater to areas with good sales potential. Whether you are looking for a franchise business for sale in our space, or any other for that matter, make sure that your future franchisor is as passionate as we are for working collectively with their franchisees to maximise their business potential.

Brett Sinclair is the Franchise Business Manager for THE Shed Company.

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