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Jon Philpin
Franchise Recruitment &
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Wendy's Supa Sundaes Pty Ltd

Wendy's Supa Sundaes Pty Ltd
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Jon Philpin

Jon Philpin | Franchise Recruitment & Development Manager | Wendy's Supa Sundaes Pty Ltd

At just 25-years-old, and already a business owner, Yuanita Poh has achieved a lot more than most people her age. Twelve months ago she took over as the owner of a Wendy's franchise in Gawler - a rapidly growing town, 40km north of Adelaide in South Australia.

Originally from Indonesia, Yuanita and her family came to Australia after spending several years in New Zealand.

"We moved to Australia because it looked like a great place to live,"Yuanita said, "When I was applying for my visa, I saw there were a lot of business opportunities available but, with the conditions of the business visa, I knew that making the right decision first time was vital."

The Australian Government provides a number of different business visa opportunities, some of which have pathways to permanent residency, to people with certain skills that are considering immigrating to Australia. The pre-formulated and proven formula of many franchise opportunities makes buying into a franchise a much smarter choice than establishing a business from scratch, especially when your chances of residency are riding on it.

In Yuanita's words above, making the right decision first time is vital, and conducting extensive research into both yourself and your business choices are crucial to this. Deeply and honestly analysing your skills, strengths and weaknesses, with help from the people who know you best, assists you to make better decisions when choosing which franchise opportunity would satisfy your needs, allow you to utilise your hard won skills, assist you to overcome your weaknesses, and most importantly support you in your every day business decisions.

After doing extensive self and business research Yuanita was granted a business visa in 2008 when she purchased the Wendy's Gawler franchise. Since then, she hasn't looked back.

"I chose Wendy's because it has a big parent company behind it. It's a brand that is very well-known and has been going for 30 years so it's a proven success story," Yuanita said.

Starting any new business - let alone in a new country - can be challenging and, according to Yuanita, support is another reason she chose Wendy's. "When I first took over the business it was a little overwhelming. There was a lot I had to learn - I basically had to understand a whole new culture," Yuanita said.

"Every Wendy's franchisee has a business consultant who is there to provide ongoing support. My business consultant has been extremely helpful - she's made all the difference to my first year in business."

"I also receive invaluable help from my parents - it's great to have a business that my family can be involved in and I certainly have no regrets about deciding to buy a Wendy's."

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