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Passionate franchisees

Be passionate. When you are looking at franchise opportunities it is important to be able to get passionate about what you will be doing, as for most franchise opportunities your involvement with the franchise will take up the majority of your waking hours during the week. When it comes to running your own business, being passionate about the brand, customers, service or product is essential.

Luckily when it comes to being passionate most franchisees across the industry have passion in bucket loads. In the tightly contested category of passion, when it comes to being passionate and the category of passion we asked questions in relation to franchisees' passion about their customers, and the products they are selling or the services they are offering.

Franchise companies who perform well in this area will most certainly have a culture of caring for the customers' needs. Passion is contagious and starts with the franchisor being passionate about his or her products and services, and this passion filters through to the franchisee. The franchisee then needs to pass this passion on to the end customer. If the franchisee feels passionate about their customers, products and/or services, this is a good indicator that the franchise company successfully communicates a positive vision about the company' s brand internally and externally.

To see if you can get passionate about the customer experience, take yourself mystery shopping and go through the experience yourself.

Our congratulations go to all the franchisors that made the top 10 in the Passion category for franchise opportunities and particularly to the top 3 of Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers, Snooze and Mister Minit.

#1 Congratulations Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers franchise

Many people who aren' t in the finance industry might look in from the outside and say "how can people get so passionate about mortgage broking?". When you step inside and speak to Smartline franchisees and the franchise support office you get a very quick sense as to how passionate they are about helping their customers get into their dream home. In Australia it is every person's dream to own their own home and this understanding goes a long way with Smartline's franchisees who take the time to listen to the stories of their customers and provide solutions tailored to the needs of each customer.

A great deal of credit also needs to go to the Smartline support team who have put in place systems within the business to make connecting with customers straight forward. Another element that flows through the Smartline business is their ethos of giving to charity. Smartline have supported a number of worthy causes such as the Lighthouse foundation, the Cancer Council and Westmead children's hospital.

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#2 Congratulations Snooze franchise

Bedding company Snooze, with 70 outlets in Australia is part of the Steinhoff Asia Pacific Group. What makes Snooze’s franchisees so passionate is a combination of staying up to date with the latest products, being creative with advertising and continually keeping store layouts looking fresh.

The franchisor purposefully goes above and beyond the bread-and-butter products, staying at the leading edge of innovation to maintain a strong ongoing sense of pride and passion amongst franchisees.

The other area Snooze has an advantage is its big spend on advertising. Standard sale periods throughout the year don't allow for too much creativity, but where other campaigns are in play Snooze work with a creative agency to keep the campaigns interesting for customers. This has a flow on to franchisees.

Keeping the stores looking fresh is another area Snooze pride themselves on for generating passion amongst franchisees with in-house experts assisting franchisees with store layout, design, fixtures and fittings. Franchisees' input is also seen as crucial to creating a stylish store layout, as well as increasing franchisee passion.

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#3 Congratulations Mister Minit franchise

Mister Minit’s franchisees are highly passionate about the service and product Mister Minit delivers, as well as being there to serve their customers.

With the Mister Minit support office continually driving innovation and new product development franchisees easily get passionate about the latest gifts and gadgets, as well as the latest key cutting and programming technologies.

When it comes to being passionate about customer service, Mister Minit is at an advantage here as their selection criteria for granting a franchise means that franchisees have to work as an employee first and then score well on customer service and going the extra mile. So it means that the network of franchisees as a whole are just passionate about people and are incentivised to simply be themselves.

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