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Nick Hudson
National Franchise Manager
Snap-on Tools
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Nick Hudson

Nick Hudson | National Franchise Manager | Snap-on Tools

The Great Australian Dream of owning your own home has expanded so that many Australians now also want to own their own business. This desire has contributed significantly to the success of franchising as a business model. There are approximately 1,000 different Australian franchise systems to choose from, but how do you choose the one that's right for you?

Although now a cliché, the truth in the phrase "you have to love what you do" has never been more relevant. Unless you are passionate about your business, success will be tempered with frustration. The time, dedication and effort required to run your own business could not be sustained without enjoying your work. There are a lot of businesses that will render a good income, but without passion, success is limited.

I talk to many people about becoming a Snap-on Tools franchise owner. A great number come from the automotive industry that we service. An automotive background is not necessary to own a Snap-on franchise, but that so many come from this industry, does prove a vital point. Individuals with a mechanical background understand Snap-on quality, the benefits of Snap-on products and have already used and love our high quality brand. We yield passionate franchisees because they love the industry and our tools. Snap-on's tools are the finest in the world, and are recognised as such. So we know firsthand that when you combine quality and passion, success is simply much more likely.

The most important step in choosing the right franchise for you therefore lies in identifying your passion and ensuring you will be able to explore and develop that passion through your business. I also stress the importance of considering your desired lifestyle alongside this analysis. There is no point being passionate about your work if it does not allow you to live the lifestyle you want. Consider things like the number of hours you wish to work, the type of income you would be comfortable with and whether you would like to manage staff or not. Each of these elements will impact your enjoyment and success.

Snap-on's unique mobile franchise system allows franchisees to physically display and deliver his or her passion to customers. The system allows franchisees to share their own passion and enthusiasm with customers who appreciate what Snap-on represents; quality and innovation, and who are often just as passionate about the brand. Enthusiastic business owners and customers, together create a powerful formula for an enjoyable experience.

Snap-on is renowned for its franchisees who really love what they do. One of the attributes I look for in a prospective franchisee is his or her ability to build professional relationships with people. Snap-on franchisees visit the same customers every week, normally on the same day and at about the same time. Snap-on is unique with this retail model in that it strongly depends on the building of ongoing personal and professional relationships. Our franchisees are given the opportunity to be seen as unique solution providers, offering so much more than a simple retail experience where customers arbitrarily walk into shop environments.

When looking to buy into a franchise, it's important to ensure an extensive assessment program exits so that both parties - the franchisor and the potential franchisee - identify whether the relationship will be a good fit. One of the most telling components of our program occurs when the prospective franchisee is sitting in my office with their spouse or partner and starts to explain something about the business to them. At this point, their enthusiasm and shared commitment is usually most evident and the success of their match with Snap-on is clear.

Franchises are often an attractive option for individuals looking to start up their own business. Existing systems and processes, brand reputation, corporate support and training are amongst the many advantages. Ultimately though, if you are able to turn your passions and hobbies into a business, the probability that it will be lucrative is much higher.

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