The Benefits of Instilling Culture

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Stephan Herzog
Fernwood Women's Health Clubs
How has Fernwood gone
about instilling its
culture throughout the
franchise organisation
and what is its
benefit to a potential
franchisee joining?

Stephan Herzog

Stephan Herzog | CEO | Fernwood Women's Health Clubs

"An integral part of Fernwood's strategic plan is to build and maintain a unique culture within our organisation. We believe that culture is created by consistently displaying behaviour around commonly agreed values that are not negotiable and behaviour that people are held accountable for. Fernwood has therefore articulated six values that are core to the Fernwood culture and that are the basis for all our decisions and behaviour. They are integrity, commitment, respect, openness, passion and service mentality.

All support office staff are screened against their natural fit with these values, together with their ability and skills set to actually do the job they are hired for. Progress reviews and coaching is built around the display of the corporate values and the achievement of the agreed results.

This culture which is fostered in the support office permeates throughout the organisation, partially via the new franchisee recruitment process and partially via the Business Development Managers (BDMs). We have ensured that our BDMs are all based at the support office to keep them grounded in the Fernwood culture, rather than having them live interstate and away from the positive influences of an energising and motivating team environment.

Franchise Partners are recruited in the same manner as all of our employees. It's important that we ensure that they fit within our Fernwood culture and values. We look primarily for people with business acumen, people skills and a passion for the Fernwood cause, which is empowering women to shine. Therefore, when a franchisee is selected to join the system, there is no culture shock, they feel immediately comfortable in their dealings with the support office and the inevitable disagreements are much easier overcome, because they are based on openness, respect and commitment."

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