Trust is key when in the market for a business for sale

by Cam Hadlow | Executive Director | Dream Doors Kitchens
Trust is key when in the market for a business for sale

The franchise model enables close relationships to be formed between the franchisor and the franchisee, provided there is a level of trust between the two. We spoke with Cam Hadlow, Executive Director of Dream Doors Kitchens, about operating in the home renovation space and creating a trusting relationship with franchisees. Dream Doors Kitchens was formed in the UK in 1999 as a kitchen door replacement franchise, evolving into a bespoke kitchen renovation franchise business since launching in Australia in 2013. There are currently 33 franchises operating across Australia, with opportunities popping up for new franchises off the back of the home renovation boom.

Home renovation is a hot topic in Australia, and I get a real buzz out of operating in an industry that improves and adds value to a much-loved asset in Australia. This is something that makes Dream Doors Kitchens such an appealing option as a business for sale, and as you speak to our various franchisees that will quickly become apparent.

Trust is a big part of how we operate at Dream Doors Kitchens, as it is about results at the end of the day. We can only progress based off the growth of each of our franchises, and that process starts with head office and the franchisee reaching a level of understanding with each other. By cultivating close relationships with each of our franchises and working with them on a daily basis to help grow their businesses, the results will naturally flow through the entirety of the organisation.

Off the back of new housing developments across the greater Sydney basin, in particular down south where land is cheaper, our stores located in the Illawarra and Sutherland Shire have been our best performers across Australia. Dream Doors Kitchens is currently recruiting in Tasmania, an area that we have no presence in despite having all of the infrastructure in place for prospective franchisees who are looking to purchase a business for sale. With our history of building strong and trusting relationships with our franchisees, we encourage prospective franchisees to contact us about the opportunities that are currently available in Tasmania.

Cam Hadlow is Executive Director of Dream Doors Kitchens.

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