Focal Point International Pty Ltd

Business Coaching and Corporate Training

We live in the best time ever to be in business. The options are endless. For FocalPoint professional business coaches, this means opportunity in all markets, all fields and competitive industries. World leaders, top executives, and sports superstars have always had trusted advisors for guidance, perspective and mentorship.  Business coaching can be applied to almost any business, yet it can only be facilitated properly and successfully by qualified coaches. A professional business coach is a relatively unique individual. The best coaches have a strong business background, are committed to their own ongoing education and are confident, amiable personalities who genuinely enjoy helping others.

Business Coaching and Corporate Training
Business Established
Units / Locations
20 locations
FCA Member
Agreement Terms
7 years
Royalty Fee
$11,000 year one
Average Set up Time
4-8 weeks
Ratio of Support Staff per Franchisee

Initial Investment



10 days - Australia and US - 150 hours annually

Marketing Support

Not Applicable at this stage


Fastest Growing in US

Business Model

By its nature, the franchise model attracts those who are interested in business ownership. As business owners, FocalPoint coaches are peers with their clients so their coaching is more relevant. They offer a respected brand and programs with systemised, proven results. The integrity of the brand attracts clients.  The content and delivery of the well-researched material provide consistent outcomes for achieving goals. FocalPoint coaching and training programs have a proactive approach to business improvement. They adhere to a method and are based on regular, client-driven feedback. Corporations in particular prefer these well-tested systems.

Main Cost

Phone, Monthly Fee, Office Equipment

Main Products or Services

Coaching, Training Programs plus Behavioural Assessments

Future Plans

We are a world leader in professional business coaching and training. Our content-rich programs have been personally-developed by legendary business expert Brian Tracy during 35 years of extensive research. Our franchise system has been operating successfully for 14 years and we are changing the world through business leadership and education. FocalPoint values are passion, courage, camaraderie and legacy.  We continue to grow our business in Australia and the surrounding regions, seeking ambitious goal-oriented leaders who will add value to their business community and its leaders within. 


I have been supported by Andrew Phillips at Focal Point from the moment of my first inquiry. Andrew has mentored me personally to develop a new self-concept and hone my business skills to a mastery level. Under Andrew's guidance, I was recognised as the Rookie Business Coach of the year. Without the Focal Point branding and the ongoing support, I would have been left behind.

Daniel Tolson, 2018

Sydney NSW