After-school education

Kumon is the world's largest after-school learning programme with over 3.6 million students enrolled in over 50 countries and regions. Through our maths and English programmes, students learn at a pace which is, individually, 'just-right' for them. Advanced students are provided with adequate challenges and those struggling are given the time they need to consolidate their learning. Through the skills they learn, Kumon students are able to reach their potential and grow into sound, capable people who make significant contributions to society.

After-school education
Business Established
Units / Locations
330 in Australia and New Zealand
FCA Member
Royalty Fee
Kumon's business model is kept simple so franchisees can focus on preparation that relates to looking after their customers, ie instruction of their students.

For a provisionally licenced Kumon franchisee, the royalties on tuition fees are calculated at 45 percent of the monthly tuition fee. A provisional licence is valid for two years from the date of signing the franchise agreement.

For a fully licenced Kumon franchisee, the royalties payable on tuition fees will be calculated at 40 percent of the monthly tuition fee.

The royalty covers the cost and free delivery of all worksheets and materials required to run a Kumon centre. There is no additional marketing levy or hidden fees. In addition to worksheets and materials, royalties also cover the cost of:
- A launch kit designed to give new centres all the basic tools to operate
- National branding
- Free Trial campaign flyers and national advertising
- A professional consultant who will guide and train franchises in the Kumon method and centre operations with a view to constantly improving your franchise
- National and international conferences and training

Some portions of these are subsidised by the company and provide a great learning opportunity. Subsidies are also available for moving into commercial venues.
Ratio of Support Staff per Franchisee
Each Kumon field consultant supports between 15 to 20 franchisees.
Comparative Growth
We invite you to visit our franchise website to see tables detailing the earnings of three sample centres over a number of years: https://www.kumoninstructors.com.au/Franchise/Potential-Earnings

Initial Investment



Our New Franchisee Training is an enjoyable, interactive and intensive introduction to the day-to-day work of a Kumon franchisee. Training is held online across all locations. Trainees will first complete a self-study component. This study can be completed in your own time. We then hold online group study sessions up to 16 days. This is a great chance to meet other new trainees and consolidate the learning from your own pre-study. During this time, we also incorporate business and operations training with short meetings focusing on setting up your individual centre.

We know that our franchisees face a steep learning curve in the months after the business opens, and we have a system in place to support. This includes formal Follow-Up Training sessions in the first month after opening, which continue every three months up until the one-year anniversary of a new Kumon Centre. This ensures that the skills learnt in New Franchisee Training are consolidated and applied in order to provide all of your students a quality learning experience.

There are also many professional development and networking opportunities. Kumon franchisees develop their knowledge and learn from each other through a range of professional development initiatives. Such opportunities include monthly seminars, national and international conferences, mentoring programmes that match our most successful franchisees with those looking to grow their Centres, and study groups that are designed to develop the highest level of product knowledge in targeted areas of need.

Marketing Support

Kumon Australia and New Zealand runs national free trial campaigns twice a year and provides a range of advertising materials to all franchisees free of cost.

Outside of the free trial campaigns, we strategically advertise Kumon throughout the year and support the brand through activities such as radio campaigns, maintaining a strong online presence that includes corporate social media channels, media outreach on the national, state and local level; and sponsorships.

Our Public Relations team also provides franchisees with personalised support to meet individual marketing needs. There is no marketing levy payable by Kumon franchisees.


FCA 2019 International Franchisor of the Year - Finalist

Business Model

Kumon franchisees are able to build a fulfilling and exciting small business that helps their local community. As a Kumon franchisee, you will have the opportunity to help students develop fundamental literacy and numeracy abilities, along with skills that will help them succeed at school and in life. Each Kumon franchisee owns and operates their own Kumon Education Centre within our global franchise network. This network of franchisees supports each other to realise the shared vision of helping each and every student reach their potential.

Main Cost

The three main costs for a Kumon franchisee are rent, staff wages, and royalty fees.

Main Products or Services

Kumon franchises provide two key products; the Kumon Mathematics and the Kumon English programmes.

Future Plans

Growth for Kumon will continue to come from all metropolitan markets in Australia and New Zealand. We anticipate there will be greater demand for Kumon in Sydney and Melbourne after the rebound from extended lockdowns in the last two quarters of 2021. We are also expanding into regional Victoria and NSW, in areas of population growth such as Bendigo, Frankston, Wagga Wagga and Orange.

To view a list of all locations for which we are currently recruiting, please visit:

- https://www.kumoninstructors.com.au/Franchise/Available-Locations (AU)

- https://www.kumoninstructors.co.nz/Franchise/Available-Locations (NZ)