Mister Minit Franchise

Retail Service

The Minit Company operates 281 Mister Minit shops throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. The brand celebrates 60 years anniversary in 2017. It is the clear market leader in the sectors of shoe repairs, key duplication, engraving and watch servicing. After introducing car key and remote duplication they have fast become world leader in aftermarket car key duplication. The majority of these services are provided through an extensive network of skilled franchisees. The company recognised that providing a first rate level of customer service necessitated having 'great people'. As such, Mister Minit's franchising system is based not on the capital franchisees invest, but rather on their skills, values and service focus.

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#2 franchise Overall on topfranchise.com.au
#2 franchise in Passion on topfranchise.com.au
#3 franchise in Support on topfranchise.com.au
#3 franchise in Brand on topfranchise.com.au
#5 franchise in Expansion on topfranchise.com.au
#6 franchise in Marketing on topfranchise.com.au
#9 franchise in Lifestyle on topfranchise.com.au
Retail Service
Business Established
Units / Locations
FCA Member
Multi-Unit Ownership Allowed
Agreement Terms
5 Years
Royalty Fee
Average Set up Time
3 months
Ratio of Support Staff per Franchisee
Comparative Growth
Last Surveyed
Participation Rate

Initial Investment

$35,000 - $50,000


Minit also recognises that the development of Franchisee's Team Members is just as important to the value of the Mister Minit brand and therefore provides training support and accreditation. All Team Members of Franchisees attend the Minit Academy of Learning and receive an internal qualification in recognition that they have the necessary technical and operating skills to manage a Mister Minit outlet. Having a standardised training system with central assessment ensures that there are clear standards in satisfying the customer. Work methods (ie, repairing a sole on a shoe) are consistent in every Mister Minit outlet and the customer receives the same quality service. Minit realises the importance of this initiative and has automatically included this accreditation as part of the offer of being a Mister Minit franchisee. Given the network serves 3 million customers per year things cannot be 'left to chance'.

Marketing Support

No marketing levy, national and state advertisement provided


Franchise Association of New Zealand: 1) Best Retail Franchisor of the Year 2015 - Mister Minit ; 2) Retail Franchisee of the Year 2015 - Maninder Singh; 3) Field Manager of the Year 2015 - Stan Van Der Ham. Franchise Council of Australia: 1) Franchisee of the Year 2015/16 - Brent Giblin.

Business Model

The Mister Minit franchise is a little different to the standard type of franchise. There is only a small up front financial commitment and the payment of stock and materials. The weekly franchise fees are fixed rather than expressed as a percentage of sales. The other main difference is that the franchisee will purchase a franchise for an established shop. The established customer base and trading record gives the franchisee the opportunity to potentially generate returns more quickly than if it was building a business from scratch.

Main Cost

Franchise Fee

Main Products or Services

Shoe Repairs, Key Cutting, Engraving and Watch Repairs

Future Plans

The Company consistently updates a rolling Five Year Business Plan and for the last 7 years has achieved its commitments. It is likely that Minit will open 10-12 new shops, typically in existing shopping centres for the upcoming year. However, due to the company only franchsing shops with an established trading history, it is unlikely any of these shops will be franchised for at least 12 months post opening. Growth in franchising numbers will come from the existing portfolio of non-franchised Minit shops that have a well established trading performance (typically over many years) and thus provide the franchisee relatively low risk entry.


Excellent support and assistance when required by a team of dedicated individuals who support the success of all Franchisees within the model.

Shaun Halliday - Unley, SA

The system is not complicated and works well. There is a great support system in place which helps greatly.

Terry Shepherd - Deepwater Plaza, Woy Woy, NSW

It's very hard to find jobs with big companies closing down and Mister Minit is opening shops all over the areas creating new job opportunities. That's why I would recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

Robin Raghuveeran - Werribee Plaza, VIC

Our franchising system allows for a great work/life balance. Work hard and you can make a very profitable business.

Ben Curran - Miranda, NSW

Awesome system with a company that is moving forward and growing.

Rick Muggeridge - Coffs Harbour, NSW

Have been in the system for over 6 years. Have always had great support not only when going well but also when times are tough. The system is run for the Customers, Franchisee and the Franchisor - usually in that order.

S. Rulten - Northern Beaches, NSW

From a personal and professional point of view. Talking to many other people in different jobs, (to me they all seem to have one major floor), and that is no follow ups. MM have done what many companies fail to do, and that is to follow through on what they say they are following through on.  This speaks volumes in any major industry.

Paul Selwyn - NZ

The franchisor bends over backwards to help us serve our customer the best we possibly can. They are also quite fair, reasonable and transparent in the financials of each franchise.

Tom Calderwood - Mount Barker, SA

It has improved me and my family's life.

Glen - Palmerston North, NZ

If you are willing to put in the work I'm not aware of a franchise that has a better ROI and with such a small initial financial investment  required. It's a double win!

Dylan Ribton-Turner - Indooroopilly and Kenmore, QLD

For your very first business, our support office will help you out when you need them. The support office has also set up everything so you can easily run your very own business.

Lala - Shore City, NZ

The company is like a family, we help each other, the company gives us strong support.

John Li - Bush Inn, NZ