Raw Energy


Raw Energy franchise cafes are satisfying the hunger that the modern-day consumer has for fresh food, made with local ingredients and friendly service. The menu and atmosphere at Raw Energy are different from the cluttered world of fast food franchising. By virtue of our distinctive menu, use of unprocessed, local ingredients and customer service we've been able to set premium prices, and for that reason achieve excellent margins and a proven track record of profitable trading. With over 20 years experience we have developed a proven model that is loved by our franchisees and a menu loved by our customers.

Business Established
Units / Locations
15 locations
FCA Member
Multi-Unit Ownership Allowed
Agreement Terms
5 years
Royalty Fee
5% of gross sales
Average Set up Time
12-16 weeks
Ratio of Support Staff per Franchisee
Comparative Growth
< 10% per annum (subject to management performance)

Initial Investment



Franchise Induction Training (3 weeks total = Head office (1 week)/Corporate store(1 week)/In store training (1 week)

Marketing Support

2% of gross sales which includes - Access to Marketing team, Development of corporate website, Corporate social media,s ending E-Newsletters, regular photography and videography, Menu and takeaway menu design, Branding, brand development and visual identity development, corporate campaign creative , including design, print costs, video and audio production, setting up business listings including Google, Trip Advisor and Bean Hunter, corporate PR & influencer marketing development, business, Loyalty and Gift card designs, POS customer support fees and ongoing franchise recruitment.


Silver in category 9 Franchise/Chain milk-based at the Pentair Everpure Golden Bean Awards 2017

Business Model

Raw Energy offers a wide range of healthy and delicious breakfast, lunch and beverage options through franchised stores located in lifestyle locations, not within shopping centres. Our customers are health conscious Australians, with our primary target being 25-35 year old females. Our distribution centre freshly prepares a selection of key ingredients for franchised stores, helping to reduce preparation time. To ensure the success of our franchise network our model is set for adequate return on investment for franchisees. This is achieved by focusing on minimising store establishment costs, keeping food costs low and margins healthy, as well as good site selection. 

Main Cost

Staff, Cost of goods, Rent

Main Products or Services

Food, Coffee, Beverages

Future Plans

Across Australia, we are continuing to partner with positive, driven, health conscious people to grow one of the country's most exciting franchise brands.  It's a franchise business where our cafe owners truly get out of it what they put into it - all done with a brand and a product we can all be genuinely proud of.  There are many great lifestyle locations all around this great land and there will be a Raw Energy located in each and every one of these idyllic locations.  Raw Energy cafes hum with vibrant colours, great vibes and happy customers found in the places people want to be.


"Being part of a franchise gives you a proven system to operate by. You also get the collective input of other cafes and the knowledge of people from all around the area. As the group grows, the raw energy reputation spreads. So it doesn't matter where they go, the brand and products are already known. So that combined with support and systems is to me the attraction  - you can do it as your first business or for us, this is our fourth. "


- Andy, Raw Energy Coolum