Top Cut Lawnmowing

Lawn mowing and gardening

The franchisee provides lawn mowing and gardening services to the customers in his/her franchise territory that they have been allocated.  The franchisee is also allowed to go to outside territories, but not advertise outside of their territory.

Lawn mowing and gardening
Business Established
Units / Locations
Most suburbs available, please check website for Melbourne availability
FCA Member
Multi-Unit Ownership Allowed
Agreement Terms
One year
Royalty Fee
First year no charge then thereafter $1,300 +GST per year
Average Set up Time
28 days
Comparative Growth

Initial Investment

$35,000 - $45,000


2 weeks initial training

Marketing Support

First year free: internet advertising & local paper. Thereafter $80 per month internet advertising

Business Model

Membership based franchise where the customer directly contacts the franchisee with our unique website cutting the middle man out.  This allows franchisees to keep most of the earnings for themselves.  Our franchisee fees work out to be approximately $25 per week and payable annually as  a membership fee.

Main Cost

Petrol, lawn mowing repairs, tip fees

Main Products or Services

Lawn mowing, gardening, hedges

Future Plans

I intend to have 100 franchisees all over Australia within the next three years