2. Online survey emailed by us to all franchisees

All franchisees currently registered as franchisees by a franchisor will be contacted by 10 THOUSAND FEET via an email to invite participation in a secure online survey.

10 THOUSAND FEET ensures stringent survey security protections are in place so each franchisee will only be able to respond to the survey once. We make your life easy sending out the survey on your behalf and sending reminders to those who have not completed the survey to ensure a good representation of franchisees complete the survey.

Franchisees will then need to spend minimal time responding to the survey.

  • Each category has a set number of questions asked on a scale of 1 to 5 to determine satisfaction
  • Entering just one category will take approx. 1-3 minutes to complete dependent on the category (e.g. Marketing covers 5 questions and takes 1 minute to complete)
  • Entry to all categories on average takes up to 7 minutes to complete
  • Entire survey consists of 43 questions