4. Entry Criteria

All Australian franchisors with a minimum of a 15 franchisee network are invited to enter the topfranchise awards.

Minimum franchisee participation rates must be met to enter the awards:

  • Franchisors with 15-19 franchisees require a minimum participation rate of 70% of all franchises
  • Franchisors with 20-49 franchisees require a minimum of 50% participation
  • Franchisors with 50-99 franchisees require a minimum of 40% participation
  • Franchisors with 100 plus franchisees require a minimum 30% participation

Franchisors cannot be selective as to who receives the email, all current franchisees in the network must be sent an email invitation

Franchisees responses will be completely confidential, unless they indicate clearly by leaving their name that they wish certain information to be passed to the franchisor.

The email invitation to participate is approved by 10 THOUSAND FEET to ensure the email encourages honest and open feedback from franchisees