Every franchisee was asked over 35 questions about their franchise system. Each question is weighted according to its importance to franchisees. Weightings are determined by sophisticated (multivariate) market research techniques. The weighted scores for the 35 questions are then broken into 7 key areas and presented for potential franchises to make a more informed choice about the franchise which will suit their needs.


Smartline Mortgage Advisers

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Mister Minit

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Kwik Kopy

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Awards - Overall The award for Overall Best Franchise only goes to the cream of the crop, the absolute best Franchisors that Australia has to offer. To be among the overall best performers, you need to perform consistently well in nearly every category, outperforming rivals in the support you offer, the lifestyle you enable your franchisees to have, the passion you have and inspire for your industry, and the opportunities you grant. In addition, you need to satisfy your franchisees needs well enough that they are comfortable not only renewing their own contracts with you, but recommending contracts to their friends and colleagues.

When a franchisors places well in the Overall ratings, it shows that they are not only one of the best franchisors in Australia, but that they have satisfied franchisees, people who are comfortable resting their livelihood and future in the hands of this franchisor.

If you are considering opening a franchise in the future, you can be confident that if you deal with one of the following Overall Top Ten franchisors, you will be getting the best opportunity possible.
1st place - Smartline Mortgage Advisers Franchise

Smartline is a multi award winning mortgage broking advisory business. Our client care program matches the needs of a client with the best available lending products provided by a panel of +23 Banks, Building Societies and Credit Unions. These lenders pay Smartline brokers both an upfront commission and a trailing commission for the introduction of new borrowers. The trailing commission provides a passive income stream and becomes a substantial business asset as the base of clients grows.
2nd place - Mister Minit Franchise

The Minit Company operates 220 Mister Minit shops throughout Australia and New Zealand. The brand has heritage having celebrated its 50 year anniversary three years ago. It is the clear market leader in the sectors of shoe repairs, key duplication, engraving and watch servicing. The majority of these services are provided through an extensive network of franchisees.

The Company recognised that providing a first rate level of customer service necessitated having 'great people'. As such, Mister Minit's franchising system is based not on the capital franchisees invest, but rather on their skills, values and service focus.
3rd place - Kwik Kopy Franchise

Kwik Kopy is a print and design provider focusing on the small to medium business market. A highly established and recognised brand, Kwik Kopy has an extensive network of 104 centres Australia-wide, providing a blend of friendly advice, design and print expertise to help businesses achieve their goals.

The benefits of becoming a Kwik Kopy Franchisee include:
- Award winning franchise model
- A strong brand and on-going marketing solutions
- Extensive training course and on-site assistance