Family franchising: how to grab the best business opportunity by running a family business

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Toby Lawrance
Chief Operating Officer  

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Toby Lawrance | Chief Operating Officer | Wendy's

For many, the benefits of working in a family business far outweigh the potential risks to family ties. In this fast-paced day-and-age, the opportunity to spend time with family on a daily basis is rare. What' s more, the ability to provide job security for family members in an increasingly competitive and unpredictable environment is a major attraction.

However, running a successful family business is all about getting the balance right. It is vital to ensure that each member of the team has a clearly identified role, that channels of communication remain open and honest and that all employees have a clear understanding of how to behave in the work environment.

For those interested in running a family business, and particularly those starting their first business, franchising can be an excellent business opportunity. A franchising model such as Wendy's has all of the systems and processes set up to make running the business easy - leaving time for franchisees to focus on their customers and growing the business.

Choose your family business wisely

With more choice and many a business opportunity available for consumers, deciding on the right franchising business (and in particular a family business) can be a difficult decision. Choosing a business that' s the right fit for your family is very important and there is a lot to consider.

It' s vital to consider your needs as a family, and what will yield the best overall result, before making any decision. There are many reasons why families choose Wendy' s however there are three main features which attract families to our brand:

  • Ease of operation: no prior experience is required and our franchisees all get four weeks of training, so they can have confidence every family member will be up to speed in their area of responsibility;
  • Support - Wendy' s provides ongoing training and support and, with more than three decades of franchising excellence, the systems and processes in place are all designed to make life easy for franchisees. Systems that are easy to follow mean that micro management does not need to take place. The flow on of reducing micro management is that more senior members in the family partnership can delegate with confidence and more junior members can feel a sense of ownership over their work; and
  • It' s fun : our franchisees work in an environment which is all about making people happy, which provides a great attitude for family members to take home at the end of a day.

Ensure roles are clearly defined in your family business

One of the major benefits of a franchise system is that there are clearly defined roles and responsibilities for each staff member. This is essential in any business. However, it is even more important in a family business where behaviour that' s normal outside of the work environment can often have a negative impact on the smooth operation of a business.

The family business code: how to behave in the work environment (and at home)

The advice we give our franchisees who are running their family business is to treat each other as you would any boss or fellow employee - with respect and courtesy. As soon as you step into the work environment, it's important to remember your role at all times. Equally, it's just as important to separate work and family time - so make sure family time is just that.

Remember to have fun

Lastly, remember that running a family business is meant to be fun. The creation of a relaxed, fun environment will not only make going to work every day more enjoyable, it can also be an invaluable sales tool - customers who approach a counter where the staff are happy and friendly are far more likely to return.


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