How the Awards are calculated

The topfranchise awards recognise activities and achievements undertaken by Franchisors as rated by their franchisees. Franchisors are required to sign-up to the awards which go live in September-October. The awards are run annually with entries accepted in June - August.

The sign-up process is easy and requires less than an hour of your time. To get started today, simply follow the steps below to learn more, and to enter the awards email us or call us on +61 (2) 8080 7544.



1. Decide AWARD CATEGORIES to enter


This category offers franchisors the opportunity to be recognised for strong performance across all categories based on performance ratings by their franchisees. The Top Franchisor of the Year award is open to all franchisors and will be presented to the overall winner.

To enter the overall awards franchisors have to participate in all the award categories covering Marketing, Brand, Passion, Support, Lifestyle and Innovation as well as the supplementary category of Finance.


The category specific awards offer franchisors the opportunity to be recognised for excellence and performance among any number of the categories they wish to participate in. The six award categories include:

  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Passion for product, customer and organisation
  • Support / Operational systems/ Company Culture
  • Lifestyle
  • Innovation


2. Online survey emailed by us to all franchisees

All franchisees currently registered as franchisees by a franchisor will be contacted by 10 THOUSAND FEET via an email to invite participation in a secure online survey.

10 THOUSAND FEET ensures stringent survey security protections are in place so each franchisee will only be able to respond to the survey once. We make your life easy sending out the survey on your behalf and sending reminders to those who have not completed the survey to ensure a good representation of franchisees complete the survey.

Franchisees will then need to spend minimal time responding to the survey.

  • Each category has a set number of questions asked on a scale of 1 to 5 to determine satisfaction
  • Entering just one category will take approx. 1-3 minutes to complete dependent on the category (e.g. Marketing covers 5 questions and takes 1 minute to complete)
  • Entry to all categories on average takes up to 7 minutes to complete
  • Entire survey consists of 43 questions


3. Award winner recognition & advice to take franchisee satisfaction to the next level

All participants in the awards are provided with full reporting and insights along with best practice tips and franchise industry benchmarking to evaluate performance within subscribed category.

Senior consultants from 10 THOUSAND FEET with extensive knowledge across franchise and customer satisfaction studies provide and share their first-hand experience on how you can take franchisee satisfaction to the next level.

Top 10 Award winners also receive the following;

  • Top 10 performers featured on topfranchise website for 12 months
  • Opportunity to write expert articles and gain exposure on the topfranchise website
  • Top 10 performers carry endorsement 'Top 10 Franchise' badge to showcase on website, email footers and marketing
  • Trophy awarded to winners in each category and overall winner
  • If you make the overall top 10, included in topfranchise's extensive Public Relations campaign for the period


4. Entry Criteria

All Australian franchisors with a minimum of a 15 franchisee network are invited to enter the topfranchise awards.

Minimum franchisee participation rates must be met to enter the awards:

  • Franchisors with 15-19 franchisees require a minimum participation rate of 70% of all franchises
  • Franchisors with 20-49 franchisees require a minimum of 50% participation
  • Franchisors with 50-99 franchisees require a minimum of 40% participation
  • Franchisors with 100 plus franchisees require a minimum 30% participation

Franchisors cannot be selective as to who receives the email, all current franchisees in the network must be sent an email invitation

Franchisees responses will be completely confidential, unless they indicate clearly by leaving their name that they wish certain information to be passed to the franchisor.

The email invitation to participate is approved by 10 THOUSAND FEET to ensure the email encourages honest and open feedback from franchisees


10 THOUSAND FEET will ensure confidentiality and data protection of all franchisor, franchisee, client and personal records as per the Australian Marketing Research Privacy principles and guidelines 




10 THOUSAND FEET is accredited in Australia to ISO 20252, the International Standard for Market, Opinion and Social Research. Our Quality Assurance procedures ensure that all our systems undergo strict quality control processes to ensure best practice research is delivered. It also ensures that our obligations under the Privacy Act, as well as other statutory requirements are adhered to.