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Mike Stringer
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Car Care
Be in complete
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Mike Stringer

Mike Stringer | National Franchisor | Car Care

We often discuss the benefits that franchising can bring, such as, being your own boss and the chance to lean on tried and tested systems that sensibly reduce the risk of error for you, just to mention a few.

However, few business models can offer the level of control and flexibility of your workload as a mobile franchise business can. Think for a second how appealing a job that allows you to organise your schedule around your lifestyle can be: whether it' s spending more time with the family, catching up with mates or practicing your favourite sport, even on a busy day you can decide to start early in the morning and knock off early in the afternoon to dedicate time to your other commitments.

The flexibility of a car detailing franchise business

It is not surprising at all that Car Care took out the top position for "Lifestyle" on topfranchise in 2009, as one of the biggest draw cards for a well run mobile franchise business is the balanced lifestyle that franchisees experience. A car detailing franchise is not a 9-to-5 retail job: a Car Care franchisee has the chance to decide what time to start working in the morning and the workload they take on. So with a franchise business like this you can basically concentrate big chunks of your job when you are more available and leave the less busy days for when you feel like dedicating more time to your personal life.

There are plenty of mobile franchise opportunities and you can really mould the business around your lifestyle.

In this regard, a mobile franchise business - in particular a car detailing business - offers the possibility to do the job anywhere, having complete control of the territory: our franchisees can execute the job on the spot, whether it's the house of the car owner, an office car park or a park, as they are carrying their own water and power with a fully equipped van.

So if you're a person with great customer care skills who enjoys working outdoors in different locations everyday then you may really want to consider buying a mobile franchise business.

According to our franchisees, getting around makes the job enjoyable, even though sometimes it can be thirsty work, especially in 30 plus degree heat of an Australian summer.

Get the best franchise opportunities from a fully optimised system

The main reason I would recommend a mobile franchise business such as Car Care is the high systemisation of the process that can provide new franchisees with a good number of customers straight away with really low overheads.

As Car Care franchise owners purchase their own exclusive area - which is negotiated with the local Master Franchisor -, they can start getting around immediately, thanks to the first batch of bookings made through central office.

Car Care like many of the best mobile franchise business opportunities provides a proven track record of its efficiency and has been refined throughout the years, as the Central Office supplies most of the customers to the franchise owners. In this way you will be landing on a franchise business which will be up and running quickly and enjoy a satisfactory income from the very early months.

To get a better understanding of the workflow, the newcomer franchisees can get around 60-70% of their customers' capacity in the first two weeks. Needless to say, the level of franchisee satisfaction varies in relation to the expectations so it is really important that you set your goals beforehand: some people aim to make $1,500 a week while others aspire to earn double which can be challenging right after starting the franchise business.

However, our figures show that our franchisees reach a good level of regular customers after the first twelve weeks.

It is a transparent arrangement: potential franchisees are indeed attracted to the idea of being able to determine their own income based on the level of their own efforts.

Best fit for a mobile franchise business

Although some of the benefits that we have outlined above - such as flexibility, mobility, low overheads and income based on your level of effort - are certainly appealing to young people, particularly to those who belong to the "Gen Y" category, we can confidently say that there is no specific age group for this type of work. Our franchisees range from ages 21 to 65 - different ages but one common trait: all of them are very motivated individuals.


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