Smartline group’s charity efforts hit $1 million

Smartline group’s charity efforts hit $1 million

Numerous organisations across Australia have benefited from the charitable efforts of the Smartline group and the focus is now on collectively getting to the $2 million mark in the next few years.

"From little things, big things grow and the efforts of franchisees and staff from all three companies have certainly shown that," Smartline’s Managing Director, Chris Acret, said.

"Not only is this support good for the organisations which have received the funds, I think it’s been a great thing for Smartline as a whole – for the business, the franchisees and the group office staff.

"It’s a great feeling knowing that the work we do every day doesn’t benefit only our clients, it helps many other people who really need this assistance."

Smartline’s charitable efforts started soon after the group was established, initially with a donation of $5 per loan written, which was soon increased to $10 per loan.

Smartline (and previously Mortgage Force) have provided more than $600,000 in support to a total of about 40 different charities, including ACT for Kids, Care Flight, Ronald McDonald House, Ride Aid, Day of Difference and the Motor Neurone Association.

In contrast to Smartline, The Mortgage Gallery supports one charity – Heart Kids – throwing all of its donation and fundraising efforts behind this group which assists children with heart disease.

The Mortgage Gallery has raised more than $500,000 for Heart Kids and the annual Smartline conference recently held in Hobart raised an additional $17,000 for this charity

Mr Acret said there was a strong connection with the charities supported, with each state having its own charity committee which directed funds to local organisations and which were strongly supported by franchisees.

Through these charity committees, franchisees nominate the charities they would like to support, giving a strong sense of ownership.

"It’s not just about donating money, there’s a strong hands-on element – whether that’s building or clean-up projects, painting, cooking a barbecue or volunteering to help in any way needed," he said.

"It’s that hands-on part which is the most rewarding because it gives everyone the chance to get a real understanding of how a charitable group’s efforts are making a difference in the community.

"Supporting a wide variety of charities allows us to get behind many groups that have a low profile or don’t attract much government or public support.

"With the continued growth of the business and our commitment to being able to do even more, I’m optimistic we’ll be able to achieve the $2 million milestone in the next few years.

To learn about more charities supported by the Smartline Group, click here.

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