The Right Place at the Right Time: rising drive-thru coffee franchise opportunities

by Steven Pynt| CEO | Muzz Buzz
The Right Place at the Right Time: rising drive-thru coffee franchise opportunities

The Muzz Buzz Drive-Thru coffee franchise has seen rapid sales growth in recent years. This may be attributed to strategic marketing initiatives, but it is also due to the fact that Muzz Buzz is selling a great product that many consumers have a need for. We caught up with Steven Pynt, CEO Muzz Buzz Franchising Pty Ltd, to talk about recent trends in the drive-thru coffee market and why this business model is drawing such great interest from potential franchisees in Australia.

Recent trends in the market: the success of the drive-thru coffee franchise business model

The rapid pace of modern life and our increasing dependence on motor vehicles for suburban transportation makes drive-thru the logical, modern retail experience.

The Drive-Thru business model has been dominated for years by fast-food organisations who could successfully accommodate the drivers’ need for a quick meal and rapid service and payment.

Coffee is another product which perfectly fits into this business model.  The business caters to drivers who can’t afford to wait in line at regular coffee shops, ensuring consumers are served instantly, wasting no time as they wait for a single cup of coffee.

The Drive-Thru Coffee franchise concept has tapped into a market where the demand was high for the product to be accessed more conveniently, served faster, with friendly customer service at a reasonable price.

"However not all franchise systems are the same when it comes to the level of marketing support provided, so to be successful in selecting and owning your franchise business, there are some things you should consider." 

Growing interest in the drive-thru coffee franchise business in Australia

Drive-Thru coffee has been accepted and embraced by Australian consumers who love the convenience and have developed a sophisticated taste for premium coffee.

In response to the growing demand for a quick and good coffee, the first Muzz Buzz Drive-Thru coffee was formed in 2001, in the Perth metro area. This drive-thru business became extremely popular because of its uniqueness.

In particular, Muzz Buzz Drive Thru Coffee is spearheading the rapid growth of the drive thru coffee market in Australia and in less than 6 short years has become the dominant player in this rapidly expanding industry.

But what in particular is appealing for potential franchisees in the Drive-Thru coffee model?

Muzz Buzz stores are sold to franchisees on a “turnkey” basis, which means virtually everything you need to occupy your store and start running your business is provided for you.  This is a tremendous advantage to a new franchisee.  The other advantage is that you can operate the business yourself, or under management, so you have the flexibility to decide how much, if any, time you spend working in the store. Owning a Muzz Buzz franchise provides you with lifestyle opportunities that simply don’t exist in other industries.

Muzz Buzz is a good example of the success of this business model as it now operates franchises in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia and is looking at international growth opportunities to expand its brand.

The best fit for a drive-thru coffee franchise business

Competition among retail franchising businesses for good quality franchisees is more intense than ever.

Typically, Muzz Buzz franchisees are self motivated, hard working people who have a burning desire to make themselves financially independent and to live a balanced lifestyle that allows them time with family and friends.  They are often people who have been highly successful in a previous career and are now looking for new opportunities and challenges.

Owning a drive-thru coffee outlet such as a Muzz Buzz franchise is a great opportunity for franchisees to build an exciting new lifestyle, to take control of their destiny and to be their own boss.

Muzz-Buzz franchisees come from all walks of life.  The one thing they all share is the desire to become financially free and to control their own destiny.

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