Why a flexible work environment is better for your overall wellbeing

Why a flexible work environment is better for your overall wellbeing

In the last few weeks, our worlds have been turned upside down with the health pandemic Covid-19. With all the negative news circulating, one positive note is that this time has allowed us to reflect on what is important in life, such as the emotional and mental wellbeing of being with family. The flexibility of working from home has allowed us to spend more time with our loved ones and get to know each family member on a deeper level.  

More people are realising the general benefits of flexible hours during these times and are looking at the potential of starting their own businesses as opposed to going back into the work force for someone else. Whilst owning a new business may see you working significant hours to start it is the flexibility of when you work those hours which is a big attraction. Some noted benefits include:

  • Flexibility to spend  time with family  when needed.
  • Have more control over your time schedule and working environment
  • Being able to work during the hours that fit your energy cycles best.
  • Having time to engage in leisure activities and hobbies be it physical activities or those that promote emotional and mental health
  • Pick the tasks you love and delegate the rest, meaning you will have more energy for your family and personal life
  • You can put in more hours to increase your earning capacity when you want to and back off when you need more time for yourself

Franchising opportunities allows you to enjoy this flexibility while having an entire support system at your fingertips.

It is important to do proper research on which franchise business fits you the best as well in terms of support, brand, marketing, financial rewards, passion and lifestyle. This way, you can get the best of both worlds-having a business that brings out the best in you and having the flexibility of making it work around your lifestyle.

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