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RE/MAX is the most successful and productive real estate group in the world. The group now consists of more than 6500 offices in nearly 100 countries. The growth of the RE/MAX brand over the last 40 years is testament to the success of an innovative business model which puts our people first.

Here in Australia, RE/MAX has a mission to create and facilitate unlimited opportunities for real estate professionals and business owners. Our focus is our people and we are committed to continually provide irreplaceable tools, coaching and development opportunities to make them the best in Australia.

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Real Estate
Business Established
Established in 1998 but we purchased the business in 2013
Units / Locations
FCA Member
Multi-Unit Ownership Allowed
Agreement Terms
Further information on request.
Royalty Fee
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Average Set up Time
3 months
Participation Rate

Initial Investment

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Initial 90 day launch program and consistent support through our professional development program.

Marketing Support

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Business Model

RE/MAX was developed to grow and evolve agents and business owners into industry leaders. We offer new and experienced business owners the opportunity to grow and develop their own business and brand, while being backed by the world's most productive and successful real estate brand. 

The real estate industry is changing quickly, agents are more professional, driven and searching for more from their career. At RE/MAX, we provide you with the model and system that you simply plug-in to, which allows you start building your own business instantly whilst keeping your costs and overheads at a minimum.

Main Cost

Lease, Wages, Marketing

Main Products or Services

Selling Property, Leasing Property, Managing Property

Future Plans

Our model sets us apart from our competitors. The RE/MAX community is based on a professional mix of sharing knowledge, support, high performance and fun. The sky is the limit for our company and we look forward to helping as many people as possible achieve their business goals. With their success comes ours.